February 2020 – Emby & Co. are in the BUSH..aka Forest . pics to come soon!

For Emby & his crew, each day is an adventure so stay tuned as I start to release some of the pictures of those adventures. So much fun is to come and Emby & Co appreciates all of their friends, family, and fans very much. We look forward to the future when we get to share our adventures with the world. Your friends, Chad A. n Emby & Co.

Emby & Co. wants to thank those who have stuck around and encouraged me throughout the years!

Great things to come this year in 2020! I an going to try an post my progress more often and possibly do something on youtube and we have some great ideas we are brainstorming so until we make another post…we will talk with you later! Your friends, Emby & Co.

EmbY & Co. 2019!

Hello Friends!

It’s going to be a great year and we are excited to be able to share Emby and his friend’s adventures with you this year. From the forest to the city, Emby and his crew are busy. Sharing their stories of hope and adventure, always ready for the next day.

We will be in the studio working hard and will be posting some brand new pics soon! Thanks again for stopping!
Your Friends, Chad, Emby & Co.