2022 here we come!!!

Hello World!!

Thank you, everyone, for viewing our website, Emby.com. We are currently either helping a neighbor in need or preparing for an expedition. Please stay tuned for pictures of our travels and tales from far off places, we love you all and we can’t wait to talk to everyone on a regular basis. Until then, help someone in need or just give them a hug:)

Your Friends,

Chad, Emby & Co.

Emby & Co. are ready to go!

Whatever the task may be, you name it, Emby & Company is ready to help the ones in need. Helping their friends in the forest survive the EXTREME elements while also teaching them important lessons of the GREAT OUTDOORS. Every hour of every day, one of their friends in the forest or even in the city, needs help in one way or another. This makes every day an adventure!

That’s what Emby & Co. is all about. Helping those in need, especially the sick & injured, while forging ahead, building a bright future for all species in this amazing & Crrraaazzzyyy world:) We are excited to show one of our new logos this month so until then, keep your head up and do your best everyday!

Warm regards.

Chad, Emby & Co.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Happy 4th to all of you across our beautiful country and thank you for stopping by Emby.com. Please make it a safe weekend and if you are going hiking or exploring, you should always have someone with you.

If you don’t have someone to go with you, then you need to bring a locator beacon and you can get them at outdoor sport shops.

We look forward to showing some of our new pics and writings soon, right here on Emby.com.

Have a good one everybody!

Your friends, Chad, Emby & Co.