EmbY & Co. 2019!

Hello Friends!

It’s going to be a great year and we are excited to be able to share Emby and his friend’s adventures with you this year. From the forest to the city, Emby and his crew are busy. Sharing their stories of hope and adventure, always ready for the next day.

We will be in the studio working hard and will be posting some brand new pics soon! Thanks again for stopping!
Your Friends, Chad, Emby & Co.

Emby & Co. 2018!

Hi Friends!

We are super happy that you are here! Our goal for the remainder of the year is to get our 2nd book finished about Emby & Co., sharing with the world, all of the amazing expeditions they experience, teaching life lessons along the way. We will also be focusing on our website, hoping to make it a fun place to stop by. Feel free to share any thoughts or experiences you have had that were challenging or that you are proud of. We would love to hear from you and who knows, maybe you could give us some ideas for future stories! We all can learn from one another’s lives experiences. Well, we better get back to work so stay tuned folks… Thanks for stopping.
Your friends,

Chad, Emby & Co.